Artist Statement


Everyday creation is happening around us. Whether it's a painter creating a landscape, a writer spilling their mind onto a piece of paper or a new baby being brought into the world. Welcoming new life to our planet is something we have grown accustom to because it's a part of our every day survival.

We create not knowing what the end result will look like, we create because we have had a life experience that we want to express, we create because the beautiful world we live in is full of so much inspiration.

I create because it heals me. I create because it heals others.

I create to give back to the world in ways that I had only ever dreamt of.

My mission statement changes often but one characteristic that has always stayed the same is: Positively impacting the masses with my artwork.

One of the most inspirational times of my life was spent traveling in Thailand where I was able to put up my first international mural. There once stood a bare wall that is now full of color, changing the every day life of those who pass by it. This piece sparks joy, it creates conversation and introduced me to many people that have changed the way I look at life.

I plan to take each new opportunity and grow it into something beautiful. Something that will change peoples lives, mine included.

Art is life changing, whether you are the artist or the viewer.

Everything we create is open to the interpretation of others, but one message I know my art always delivers is happiness. I know this because when I create, it changes my mindset. It allows me to set my mind free and express myself in new ways every time. I want my artistic visions to impact as many people as possible. It's my goal to leave public art in every country that I travel to, so that I can leave behind a piece of my being with every community.

Each community in return provides me with inspiration through their culture and traditions. I look forward to achieving this goal by:

• Creating with a purpose in different environments

• Releasing my positive energy through my art

• Sharing the healing benefits of art to all

• Expressing my creative beliefs

Those are just a few of my daily intentions that allow me to give back to the world in a positive way. I look forward to future opportunities of spreading my message of creativity and healing through colorful, detailed, and thoughtful works of art. Thank you for taking the time to read my mission statement, I hope this message reached you well. I will continue to share more

about my creative process as time goes on ,but for now

this is just the beginning!

Sincerely, Sara Berlin